“They’re just easy to work with”


Craig and Richard Hughes from Chrisbeon have been promoting their office furniture and stationery through our events for years.

Some of the most memorable moments have been at Shropshire Business Festival when they created a motorised office chair race and not forgetting their VIP area at Shropshire Oktoberfest.

We asked them to share their experience of sponsoring Shropshire Festivals’ event

Why did you choose to work with Shropshire Festivals?

Craig: Beth approached Richard and suggested it would be a good idea to be involved with some of the festivals. I was a little cynical but as Beth will no doubt attest, it turned out fantastically – from the first event we did with them we’ve continued ever since, and they’ve improved year on year.

What has been the best thing about working with Shropshire Festivals?

Craig: Fun. It’s always good fun. Great bunch of people and it improves year on year.

Richard: They’re just easy to work with, they don’t cause us any problems. It’s really easy and we have good fun along the way.

Why should someone else work with Shropshire Festivals?

Craig: Join in the fun, simple as that.

Richard: They’re a great local business, put on great events, everything is well organised, and we get great exposure at every event we get involved in.

What has been your highlight working with Shropshire Festivals?

Craig: So many. Great events, not as corporate and boring as some of the things we get involved in. And it’s just a bit more family orientated.

What’s your favourite festival?

Craig: Oktoberfest, because I can drink and chat to friends, family, suppliers, and customers.

Richard: Definitely Oktoberfest - late on a Saturday, that dance floor, that marquee is rocking, it’s just brilliant. The silent disco and the marquee, just awesome.

If you’d like to create an area at a festival where you can entertain clients or customers, or you’d like your branding at one of our major festivals, get in touch and let’s set up a meeting!