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shropshire festivals

We are an engaging and forward thinking company that specialises in creating fun festivals and events across Shropshire and beyond.

We run the Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shropshire Kids Fest, Shropshire Oktoberfest and the Field to Fork Festival. We can also help  businesses create effective PR, engaging marketing campaigns and running awesome events, injecting our expertise, fun and ideas...

Shropshire Oktoberfest

Shrewsbury Food Festival

Shropshire Kids Fest

Shropshire Tasty Trail


Shropshire Business Festival


We have 3 stunning tipis that can be hired for your event. They are big enough to seat 70 and we will take care of all the set-up required.  They create a fantastic venue for parties, weddings and events. With prices starting from £1,000, they are an affordable, fun way to transform the visual of your event.

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We specialise in food, fun, festivals, PR, design and marketing - everything that a small business might need help with, so why not get in contact and see how we can transform what you do!

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