“A Fun Way to Engage with New Clients”


Nick Jones from Throgmorton Associates Wealth Management helped us to introduce a silent disco at Shropshire Oktoberfest. The sponsorship he offered provided a brand-new area and an alternative to the main music stage, allowing visitors to pick their own music and dance the night away!

The sponsorship includes branding on-site, inclusion in social media, newsletters, press releases, and featured on the map and website, plus tickets to the event.

Here’s what Nick, our king of the silent disco, had to say about working with Shropshire Festivals…

Why do you sponsor Shropshire Festivals?

We sponsor Shropshire Festivals because it’s a fun way of engaging the team that we look after, the clients that we care about, and also finding new clients.

What do you get out of sponsoring one of these events?

We get some interesting things out of sponsoring the events. Sometimes its the comradery between our colleagues who are all there having fun and sometimes its interacting with the next generation of clients that we don’t normally meet.

How has sponsoring one of the events helped your business?

Sponsoring the events has helped the business because we put ourselves out there in the community. It’s a great way of people meeting, not just in a formal office. They are actually there and you’re in a field or you’re entertaining them or you’re giving the kids balloons or
you’re having a chat generally. No pressure, no hassle - they get to know you as a person rather than a suit.

What is your favourite event by Shropshire Festivals?

It may be no surprise to anyone that knows me to hear that my favourite event is absolutely Shropshire Oktoberfest - particularly the silent disco!

What would you say to someone who is looking to sponsor Shropshire Festivals but is on the fence?

If you’re considering sponsoring one of the events, I would definitely get in touch with Beth and the team. You might have some ideas, but they’ve definitely got more ideas, and between you, you’ll have something fantastic that will work for you.

If you’re interested in finding new ways to engage with customers outside of the office, get in touch with the team today.