"Our business grows year on year"


Monks Estate Agents has used Shropshire Festivals as a platform to raise their brand exposure for years. By sponsoring the festival signage, they have their brand on every sign publicising the event in the lead up.

As well as sponsoring multiple event areas, we also convinced them to sponsor our toilets, with a cheeky ‘to(i)let’ sign. We believe in sponsorship being memorable enough to stand out, and that was one of our most memorable to date!

Director and Co-Owner, Judy Bourne, shares her thoughts on working with Shropshire Festivals…

Why do you sponsor Shropshire Festivals?

We sponsor Shropshire Festivals for brand awareness. We have been in since the get go and we just love seeing the town plastered in Monks’ green.

What does Monks get out of sponsoring the festivals?

Monks get so much brand awareness and publicity. We get our branding all over the town, and it’s a chance to push our business to Shropshire people.

Has sponsoring the events helped your business?

Sponsoring Shropshire Festivals has seen our business grow year on year.

What’s your favourite Shropshire Festivals’ event?

My favourite event of Shropshire Festivals? Wow, that’s a tough one! It has to be the food festival because we get to see so many people that come into the county to support this event and we’ve seen it grow and grow over the years.

What would you say to someone who is looking to sponsor Shropshire Festivals but is on the fence?

If anyone is sitting there on the fence, not knowing whether to jump in and sponsor Shropshire Festivals, all I can say is just get on board and enjoy the ride. We have great fun, we raise lots of money for charities, and it raises our business’ profile at the same time.

If you’re thinking about getting on board with Shropshire Festivals, get in touch and let’s work out how to skyrocket your brand awareness.