Beer in the Sunshine!

Supping a pint in the height of summer or enjoying a cocktail with friends, there is no better way of spending an sunny afternoon with friends ! We have brought together some of the most talented brewers and drink conersours from across the region for you to enjoy - there will be something to suit everyone!

Bewdley Brewery 

Worcestershire Way  ABV 3.6 

Pale straw colour  - a very refreshing session beer.   

Jubilee Ale ABV 4.3   

A pale beer with a distinct sweetness with hints of citrus

Sir Lieith Park ABV 4.5

Amarillo and first gold hops give a distinct fruity/spicy balanced flavour with zesty aroma

Worcestershire Sway ABV 5.0

Pale in colour with a sweetness and fruity finish

William Mucklows Dark MIld ABV 6.0

 Strong, dark and sweetish with a slight liquorice after taste

Summer Special ABV... To be Annonuced!! 

 This is going to be our summer special beer -  come and see Bewdley Brewery for more details!!