Beer in the Sunshine!

Supping a pint in the height of summer or enjoying a cocktail with friends, there is no better way of spending an sunny afternoon with friends ! We have brought together some of the most talented brewers and drink conersours from across the region for you to enjoy - there will be something to suit everyone!

 Joules Brewery

Green Monkey

ABV 4.3%

Brewed to the German purity laws of Reinheitsgebot. Never pasturised or artifically carbonated.

Tasting Notes: Clean & Fruity with a good bitter-sweet taste.


Indian Pale

ABV 4.8%

INspired by the Indian Festival of Holi, famous for its celebration of colour and love

Tasting Notes: Copper coloured with hints of spice. Rich fruit flavour, finished with bold hops.

Wilderness Brewery

Equinox Saison

ABV 5.2%

Earthy Farmhouse ale, warm-fermented the aged on oak with a mixed saison culture. Dry hopped with Citra and Ekuanot.

Tasting notes: Complex, mildly funky with a touch of freshness.


Northern Pale

ABV 4.2%

Seasonal pale ale dry hopped with our freshest Northern Hemisphere Hops giving the beer a citrus and pine flavour.

Tasting notes: refreshing, light hints of citrus & pine, suitable for vegans



ABV 6.9%

Spanish red wine barrel aged Belgian Pale ale. A deep Amber with abundant barnyard funk. Unfiltered, unfined and vegan friendly. Barrel Aged. Mixed fermentation. 

Tasting notes: Rich, funky and slightly sour


American Farmhouse

ABV 6.4%

Farmhouse ale fermented with a blend of Belgian saison yeast and Brettanomyces. Unfiltered, unfined, vegan friendly.

Tasting notes: Funky, fruity and slightly sour with an evolving dry hop.


Abbaye Dubbel

ABV 6.6%

Lightly roasted malts and dark candy sugar fermented with Belgian ale yeast. Vegan friendly, unfiltered and unfined.

Tasting notes: Rich, dark, and subtly spicy Belgian Ale.


Southern Pale

ABV 4.3%

Seasonal Pale Ale dry hopped with our freshest Southern Hemisphere hops – our current favourite blend is Rakau & Wakatu. Vegan friendly.

Tasting notes: Tropical and stone fruit flavours.


Brecon Brewing/Cold Black Label

Brecon Dark Beacons

ABV 3.8%

A refreshing and light beer based on a traditional recipe for Welsh Dark. Hints of Toffee and Coffee lurk within the aroma delivering a light almost zesty flavour.

Tasting notes: Toffee and Coffee aromas yet light and refreshing flavour.


Brecon Gold Beacons

ABV 4.2%

A Multi-Award winning deep Golden Ale with a soft yet building bitterness from Progress and Pioneer Hops. A showcase and delicate mix of British hops and malt whose flavours continually develops as you drink.

Tasting notes: increasing bitterness


CBL Pirate Bay

ABV 5.0%

This Golden Beer has a smooth body with hints of citrus. A blend of malt and hop characters lead to a dry, refreshing hoppy flavour to finish.

Tasting Notes: Golden IPA showcasing the treasures of Citra and Mosaic hops


CBL Red Beast

ABV 4.4%

A smooth ruby beer perfect for all seasons. This ale has a fresh, citrus aroma and well-hopped character. A real all year warmer.  

Tasting notes: Complex Red IPA with Simcoe and Galaxy hops


Brecon Pedwar

ABV 4.0%

Brewed in a the style of the Bohemian Pilsner this Lager is Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans.

Tasting notes: Welsh Bohemian style Pilsner Lager


Corvedale Brewery

Dark and Delicious

ABV 4.6%

A multi award winning premium bitter which is a rich oaky brown in colour and radiates and enticing smoky, coffee and fruity aroma

Tasting notes: Dark but smooth and creamy with a hint of roasted coffee


Golden Dale

ABV 4.2%

An equally balanced Bitter and Sweet Golden Ale with fruity, floral and zesty aromas.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Fruity and Smooth Golden Ale



 ABV 4.3%

An Auburn Bronze bitter with pronounced hop resin and Grapefruit aroma with tart hops and juicy malt in the mouth, and a long hoppy finish.

Tasting notes: Warming, soft, fruity, hoppy.


St Georges Stout

ABV 4.5%

An Ebony Black Stout with a floral and chocolatey undertone.

Tasting notes: Sweet, fruity, chocolatey.


Ale of Odin

ABV 4.2%

A Mead infused deep golden ale with a floral zesty aroma and a sweet fruity and smooth taste.

Tasting notes: Mead infused Golden Ale.



Bewdley Brewery

Worcestershire Way

ABV 3.6%

A Pale Straw colour Bitter brewed with First gold, Celeia and Fuggles Hops

Tasting notes: A very refreshing session beer with citrus after tones.


Jubilee Ale

ABV 4.3%

Originally brewed to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Sevren Valley Railway in 2015 but was so well received that it was added to our range.

Tasting notes: A pale beer with a distinct sweetness and hints of citrus


Sir Keith Park

ABV 4.5%

 Amarillo and First Gold hops give this bitter a distinct but balanced fruity/spicey flavour with a zesty aroma.

Tasting notes: Fruity/spicey but balanced.


William Mucklow’s Dark Mild

ABV 6.0%

A recreation of a beer brewed 100 years ago by the previous brewer in Bewdley.

Tasting notes: Strong, Dark and sweetish with a slight liquorice after taste.


Summer Special


This will be our summer special beer, come and ask for more details.


Wye Valley Brewery


ABV 4.5%

Award-winning craft lager that boasts a perfect balance of British and European hops for a cool, crisp taste.

Tasting notes: Delicious Kolsh-style lager with a moreish malty base,flecked with delicate orange and tangerine notes.


Wholesome Stout

ABV 4.6%

A British ‘Black nectar’ that rivals the world’s leading black and white topped beer

Tasting notes: This smooth, dark kegged stout boasts roasted coffee notes and a dry bitter finish.



ABV 4.0%

A truly distinctive laid back pale ale made with Target Hops Celeia Hops and Maris Otter Pale Malt to give this brew its pale straw colour.

Tasting notes: Citrus hop aroma and a balanced bitter finish.


Butty Bach

 ABV 4.5%

A smooth bodied favourite premium ale which won the CAMRA West Midland’s ‘Beer of the Year’ and ‘Best bottled beer’ in 2015.

Tasting notes: charmingly smooth and ever so slightly sweet.



Brew Monster


ABV 4.0%

A gentle infusion of citrus, grapefruit with a touch of pine for a light and mellow IPA. A very refreshing session beer.

Tasting notes: Hoppy, Citrus, Grapefruit, touch of pine.



ABV 4.6%

An exceptional red IPA with a broad appeal due to its smooth flavour and texture.

Tasting notes: smooth caramel flavours and a silky roast finish and hint of citrus



ABV 5%

Heavily hopped special IPA with a wealth of Flavours. A multi-tasking blend of five distinctive hops varieties which merge to release caramel, citrus fruit, biscuit and dry spicy blooms.

Tasting notes: caramel, citrus fruit, biscuit and dry spicy blooms.



ABV 5.6%

A traditional and hearty IPA with a biscuity taste with dashes of spice and a floral bouquet.

Tasting notes: Biscuity, dashes of spice, traditional and hearty.


White Label Series – Nitro Stout 

ABV 6.0%

This is a small batch special edition full bodied and silky with roast flavours and a subtle finish of raw chocolate.

Tasting notes: Chocolate and milk.


White Label Series – Tropical IPA

ABV 6.0%

This is a small batch special edition beer ask for more details on the day.

Tasting notes: Tropical and Hoppy.


Lakehouse Brewery

Calypso Peach Pale

ABV 5%

Tasting notes: A light fruit Beer fermented in Fresh peaches, dry hopped with Calypso to create a light and sessionable pale ale with unique peachy flavour.


Cherry-Chocolate Porter

ABV 5.5%

A fruit beer with added fresh cherries. Suitable for vegans, unfiltered and unfined.

Tasting notes: An Award winner. A soft and fruity speciality dark beer with a subtle chocolate oomph. Brewed using a barrel of fresh cherries and chocolate malts to create a unique blend of deep flavours.


Amber Session Ale

ABV 3.9%

A Great Taste Award winner. Light, sweet and refreshing. A moreish malty session ale brewed using local bramling cross hops.

Tasting notes: Light, sweet and refreshing – a traditional amber session ale with a contemporary twist. Brewed using a unique blend of premium malts and hops for a light and moreish bitter brew.


Citrus Pale Ale

ABV 4%

A refreshing Pale ale with punchy citrus notes. A truly radiant slightly hoppy beer, dry hopped using cascade hops from the USA.

Tasting notes: A light refreshing pale ale with punchy citrus notes. Brewed using a variety of English and New World hops to create a summery citrus finish.


Red Dubbel Haze

ABV 6%

Tasting notes: suitable for vegans, unfiltered and unfined.

Tasting notes: A bright Red, Belgian inspired sweet Dubbel, with a hint of spice.



Hobsons Brewery

 Champion Mild

ABV 3.2%

This beer was CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain in 2007. Hobsons most awarded beer, with a low ABV tasting Mild Packed with flavour.

Tasting notes: Made with local hops from Worcestershire this Mild is a champion dark Mild, smooth in character with Chocolate malt notes.


Town Crier

ABV 4.5%

One of Hobson’s best sellers, Town Crier has a big voice! This is a very quaffable ale which goes well with food.

Tasting notes: brewed with local Worcestershire hops to create a crisp Golden Ale with hints of sweetness and a dry finish.


Old Prickly

ABV 4.2%

Donations are made to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society from every sale of Old Prickly. Over £40,000 has been donated so far!

Tasting notes: Brewed with Columbus and Lubelski Hops – a Pale ale full of flavour, full bodied with a sweet floral character.


Twisted Spire

ABV 3.6%

Named after our home town’s crooked spire – St Mary the Virgin Church. A light vibrant blond brewed with the lager hop – Hersbruker.

Tasting notes: Zesty refreshing light bitter.


CRAFT: Evolution

ABV 4.2%

A crisp and chilled carbonated craft pale ale brewed with Hersbrucker, Cascade and Chinook hops.

Tasting notes: Easy drinking, crisp and hoppy keg beer.



ABV 4.3%

A dark smooth easy drinking keg stout brewed with Fuggles, Progress and Columbus hops.

Tasting notes: A crisp chilled smooth carbonated craft stout with underlying liquorice notes.


Oldfields Original

ABV 4.8%

PGI- status made with Worcestershire Apple varieties including: Dabinette, Harry Masters Jersey and Yarlington Mill. Picked and pressed at Oldfield’s farm

Tasting notes: Fresh apple flavour with a refreshing and crisp finish.


Oldfield’s Berry

ABV 4.0%

A New Berry cider made with blackberries and Worcestershire apples, including; Dabinette, Harry Masters Jersey and Yarlington Mill.

Tasting notes: Fruity but not too sweet, a refreshing cider made with real fruit.