an invaluable skill set 

Shropshire Festivals can provide benefit to YOUR business, bringing a skill set that is invaluable to any forward thinking business.


It’s all about fun. Giving people a good time, making people happy and putting a smile on their faces. It’s about bringing out the best in people, making an event realise its potential and ensuring the crowds want to come back for more.

Fun is what Beth Heath and her award-winning company, Shropshire Festivals, does better than any other events organisation. Beth comes up with new ideas, focuses on the original and unique, and finds the fun in everything she does. Remarkable attractions are provided for guests in a safe and secure environment – it’s no wonder the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger.

At Shrewsbury Food Festival, Beth provides a platform for over 200 exhibitors and a great day out for over 28,000 people. Kids Fest hosts 100m water slides, a 400-foot obstacle course, zip lines, foam parties and the best day out for 12,000 kids. Shropshire Oktoberfest is the county’s biggest annual beer festival, attracting more than 10,000 people to Shrewsbury Quarry.

Those numbers tell you one thing – Beth and Shropshire Festivals get things right by thinking differently and focussing on fun.

And now they want to help you think outside of the box to bring fresh ideas and energy back into your company. Whatever your event, Beth will find a way of making it fun. She’ll also find a way of bringing your ideas – however whacky, outlandish and creative – to life.

If you're looking for new suppliers, an amazing events caterer, street food for an event or a contact within the food industry, just ask! We can probably match you up with the solution



Beth is intrinsically connected to food. She grew up on a smallholding in Worcestershire, learning the steady rhythms of agriculture as a young child.

After studying at Harper Adams University in Newport, Shropshire, she began working in the sector. She worked for Green Fields Farm Shop near Telford, where she developed a keener understanding of the demands and challenges facing producers and small businesses. She also learned about the opportunities – and how businesses can maximise their returns.

Beth’s role at Green Fields helped her learn how to manage the minutiae of a small business. She advised on layout, design, training of staff, purchase and similar matters. Her work in the sector blossomed with the creation of the successful Ludlow Hamper Company, and her position as operations director at Ludlow Food Festival and founder of Shrewsbury Food Festival, has brought her into closer contact with producers.

She now manages a host of events including Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shropshire Kids Fest, Shropshire Oktoberfest, and Shropshire Pub in the Park - and she helps at a number of other festivals and events across the UK.

She has experience of bringing products to market, finding new revenue streams, design and packaging, and helping to market food to a wider audience. 


Beth is one of the region’s pre-eminent events organisers. In the world of food, farming and fun; nobody does it better. That is no idle boast, that’s the opinion of a number of clients who have worked with her on a diverse programme of events - look at what they have to say on the testimonials area at the bottom of the page. Beth can cope with events big and small. She has  helped run a Halloween event in the south of England for 50,000 people over a busy October, through to smaller medieval banquets and musical events. 

She is the Chief Executive of Shrewsbury Food Festival, which hit a remarkable 28,000+ visitors in 2017. Her other festivals attracted over 50,000 visitors throughout 2018.

She is equally adept at organising smaller events, including conferences and exhibitions. She has worked with individual clients and organisations like FARMA, (the farm retail association), to programme a range of activities. Beth organised Ludlow Food Festival for 12 years taking it to the huge success it is today. She has created a number of events for Ludlow’s well-known producers, managing a showcase at an illustrious London hotel and started the Ludlow Village section at the BBC Good Food Show.


With an energetic 'can do' team we will slot into your events and make them happen, taking the stress away from you!

Contacts are key to success in the events industry and we love the press who we work closely with, to get the message out there


Beth works in collaboration with partners to provide a bespoke service to companies who need to reach new markets through targeted press and marketing campaigns. She retains close links with the region’s best web designers and hosting companies, photographers, marketers and others who can help to upscale emerging businesses.

She realises that press, promotion and marketing are essential to any new business – and she has both the tools and the contacts to achieve results.

She also offers a consultancy service, which is focused on achieving higher profits, adding value and diversification. The bottom line is the same for Beth as it is for your business: she is focused on maximising returns and has a track record of award winning experience and success.


Hear direct from individuals who have worked alongside the team at  events...

Thought you’d like to know that with your help and focus, we’re already more than doubled our sales . Thank you - La Triestina
"Thank-you" to what was a fantastic Shrewsbury Food Festival. As usual you have surpassed yourself. You and your team of volunteers have managed once again to put Shrewsbury on the map as one, if not the, Food Festival not to be missed. Organisation first class. Friendliness ace. Business super. Weather just right.
Please can you do one of these shows per month? Come on, for a Wonder woman like you.....a walk in the (Quarry) Park!! - The Ironbridge Catering Company 
"Beth is a very rare talent, who understands people, leads by example and delivers efficient results with a fun energy and smile. Shocktober fest continues to benefit from her operational expertise, problem solving and work ethic, she quickly becomes a huge asset in the team" - Stuart Beare  - Owner of Shocktober Festival, Tulleys Farm
'If Carlsberg did Food Festivals, they'd ask Beth to run them!'
 We've had the privilege of working with this human dynamo for several years now and we can honestly say that if you're thinking of hosting an event, look no further than Beth.
Food and Drink Festivals don't just happen, not if you want them to succeed, and then it's how you keep that festival going. Ludlow is a shining example of Beth's work, each year she manages to keep it fresh yet respecting the tradition and ethos of why it began nearly 20 years ago. We work very closely with not only Chefs and Demonstrators, but the Producers who are the heart of a Festival so you have to make sure they are happy and this is where Beth excels. The amount of respect stall holders have for her is evident in the way they speak her name, and they wouldn't return year after year if it wasn't right.
Beth has a natural ability with people - she is fun, warm, friendly and most importantly she listens. Whether working on her own or as part of a team, you know she gets things done, and when it comes to 'show time' she's there, keeping a cool, calm head making sure everything and everyone is running smoothly, if it's not - she sorts it. How many people for instance, could persuade a portable toilet company to physically carry (as vehicles aren't allowed) 2 of their pods over 200 yards over cobbled, uneven ground to get to an inner sanctum of a castle just so a dozen or so people wouldn't be left cross legged! - Katie & Glyn Johnson - Wots Cooking
This is Rob Wade from Take me Home Pies. You may quote, print, make a banner of, advertise or do whatever you wish with the following email which I am compelled to write following our (first) experience at the Shrewsbury Food & Drink Festival 28th-29th June 2014!

Firstly Beth I would like to congratulate you personally. In my experience there are precious few people in positions of authority and/or responsibility who conduct themselves in the way you did last weekend. You were attentive at all times: Before, during and after the event you were always helpful, professional and diplomatic too. Further to this you handled the queries, gripes and other issues with the composure of someone who has been organising the event for decades! You never flapped, snapped or swerved a phone call or message. Not once. And trust me, I could name many who would have just let their mobiles ring out or even worse, switch them off when the heat gets too much for them! To do so only frustrates and infuriates an exhibitor right at the time they need you the most so a huge thank you for being the way you were in this respect.

Now to the event itself. From the application stage long before the festival to the packing up and leaving the site at the very end of it on Sunday evening, I can in all honesty tell you this was by far and away the best event we have attended in our eighteen months or so of doing so. More seasoned 'veterans' whom I spoke to over the weekend echoed my sentiments so you and everyone concerned deserve full cedit for making it all happen in the way you did.

Everyone has their opinions of course but for me personally, it isn't just the few "big things" which make a difference to an event, it's a series of smaller ones too. And when they are aspects which benefit both the exhibitor AND the paying public, then its win-win-win. This was most definitely the case at Shrewsbury. - Rob Wade - Take me home pies
 "I have been very fortunate for Beth to invite me to take part in the last 6 Ludlow Food Festivals and the first ever Shrewsbury Food Festival. Beth has a driving force to make things happen and the ability to juggle hundreds of things at the same time. She is the epitome of organisation, has relentless energy and never shows any signs of being stressed (even when dealing with temperamental chefs!). If Beth says she will do something, she will make it happen and always to the highest standard." - Will Holland – Head chef La Becasse
 Thank you for the weekend yet another Fantastic Festival, you are a very talented woman. It was extremely well organised. All of your volunteers bent over backwards to help. I only wish you organised more events as it was truly wonderful. - The Sauce Queen   

Testimonials from exhibitors, suppliers and teams  - see what they have to say...

 “We've had the pleasure of working with Beth during the Ludlow Food Festival, Shrewsbury Food Festival and Tulleys ShocktoberFest.  Beth is an extremely diligent, organised and professional individual with boundless energy who delivers first class results for events with which she is involved.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Beth as an expert in her field.” -  Richard Booker, MD, DigiTIckets

Beth was instrumental in the initial phases of the inaugural ‘Cosford Food Festival’.  Her workload excluded her from the final stages but I think it’s safe to say that without her enthusiasm and genuine interest, that show might never have happened. It did not prevent her from visiting us and finding the time to talk to us all with huge amounts of encouragement and praise.  Thank you Beth, you helped to make our food show work for us at the RAF Museum Cosford. - Peter Bunting, Royal Air Force Museum Cosford
Beth is a dynamic business woman with boundless energy and an incredible local knowledge when organising this massive event. Down to her organisational skills the setting up of the Food Festival is a completely pain-free experience for Ludlow Castle. “ - Sonja Belchere, Ludlow Castle
Beth has been  a  guest  speaker  for  a number  of years  for  students studying   Rural  Business Opportunities  and  Rural  Leisure  and Diversification at  Harper  Adams University. The  aim  of these  lectures was  to  show  the  students  that  diversification  projects can  operate at  specific times  in the year,  or  as  "one off" events  but  can  still be  valuable  income  generators for the  overall business. Beth has brought  her  considerable  wealth of  practical knowledge to this with the students.  The feedback  from the  students  have  been  excellent and theyfeel  they have really  benefitted from her  views  and   commentaries on her  commercial activities in this sector. -  Tony Asson, Senior Lecturer, Harper Adams University
Beth Heath was a great support and advisor for the Rode Hall Farmers Market. She came to a market and took great trouble to analyse it and look at it from every angle. We then had a very productive meeting and information pack with creative and clever ideas on how to develop the market and other ideas. I would highly recommend her! - Rode Hall Farmers Market
I have worked with Beth, as Chair of FARMA, for many years. Beth has organised our trade show: sourcing applicants; dealing with enquiries beforehand; dealing with enquiries on the day and organising the setting up and dismantling of stands. She is easy to work with, full of enthusiasm, focussed and efficient. Her boundless energy is infectious! - Sally Jackson - FARMA
Working alongside Beth is always a joy; if you've got a hint of an idea or a crazy plan, she'll take it and bring it to life with enthusiasm and positivity. But most importantly you know that everything will be built on a solid foundation of experience and understanding of events; any challenge will have been already thought of and planned for, and no problem can't be solved. Hugely generous and relaxed, it's always a pleasure to work with Beth - Abigail Dakin - Dakin Events
I've known Beth for some 14 years. She is a remarkable lady and a supremely astute businesswoman. Creative, diligent, tenacious and hard-working; she has a considerable sphere of influence. Beth is one of only three or four people in Shropshire who can make a genuine difference to small and medium-sized food businesses. In the field of artisanal food producers, she is arguably the county's most important person.
As an events organiser she is redoubtable. Pragmatic, practical and creative; she brings ideas to life. She makes the impossible seem possible. She has a can-do attitude and is relentless in her pursuit of excellence. She pays attention to detail, is personable and charming, has great imagination and is diligent and highly professional. She is a calm figure in a crisis, a savvy marketeer and a creative generator of press coverage. She helps to improve profitability and has enviably good connections. Those people smart enough to procure her broad range of services can expect considerable benefit. - Andrew Richardson - Away With Media
 Having worked with Beth on the Food festival, she amazes me how one person can do so much and so well! Having seen from both the committee side and the volunteer side she’s an excellent motivator of people -sponsors, traders and volunteers alike.
 With all her event experience, she’s still never afraid to take on and try new ways of doing things and improving. I would be happy to recommend her for any event and also for the skills that she can bring to others in a consultancy role. I look forward to continuing to work with Beth in the future myself. - Jane Shaw – JS Business admin